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Sunday who although I have not met in person took me as I was on Etsy, she has helped and guided me and has become a true friend as she has not judged me just befriended me.  I wish her all the luck with her shop and may she continue with her work. Her items she has created for her shop are unique and inspiring.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for her kindness and patience and indeed great work.  She has written a little of her own story for you and there are many links and picture for you to enjoy her work.......
 November 29, 2011.

Here it goes!
Since I was a little girl, I always noticed "The Unique Things" that I would see in stores and in people's homes when I would go to visit. I was always in love with my Grandmother's pieces, like her coffee table that had blue glass on top, her clock, different things that I would notice...even her cute little coffee pot that she'd always have a fresh pot of coffee ready for visitors. That was THE BEST!

As I grew up and got a place of my own, I would admire other people's styles of decorating. But, it made me know that I never wanted my home to be a repeat of someone else's style. I wanted my own special touch and one-of-a-kind pieces throughout my home! That was where my search for "Special" pieces began. When I would go shopping, I was drawn to the boutique shops that had only one of anything. The items would tell a story of days long ago. Soon, my home became more of a collectible warm place to visit, and I liked that people would comment on it.

I had one more interest that I still hadn't completed in my life......Painting! So, I taught myself, knowing I might not be able to paint at all! Then it started to come to life! So exciting, because now I could actually create those "Unique" pieces! I painted so much that pieces were starting to pile up! When someone would see something that I had painted, they would ask if they could have it. I began painting and giving all of my projects away, keeping only a few.

So, that is why my shop has both of my passions in it, rare collectibles and my own paintings. It is a very rewarding feeling to create something that others enjoy. I hope you do, too! Let me know what you think!

Antique pair of Large Mantel Bisque Porcelain Angels Antique pair of Large Mantel Bisque Porcelain AngelsAntique pair of Large Mantel Bisque Porcelain Angels

LINK to SUNDAY'S Antique pair of Large Mantel Bisque Porcelain Angels

 An "angelic" pair of Mantel Angels from the 1940's are made of bisque porcelain, and though quite old, they have managed to stay protected! There are only two slight imperfections, or slithers, that aren't even noticeable unless you're cleaning them. They are off-white in color, with one measuring 12" in height, the other measuring 11" in height; both approximately 8" wide. They have beautiful features, as shown in the pictures; sitting on opposite sides of the mantel, or on a hutch would create a main focal point in a room. Gorgeous, substantial, a nice weight to sit safely, because that is what they were designed to do. What a job they have, just sitting and looking pretty! A year-round addition to your home decor because they are visually pleasing and calming, but they can also be dressed up with beautiful bows and silk flowers for the Holiday! The ultimate gift for the Angel Collector!       




Sterling Silver Filigree Hearts/ Flowers /Cherub Design Ring with Pink Simulated Diamond Heart-Shape

   Sterling Silver Filigree Hearts / Flowers / Cherub Design Ring with Pink Simulated Diamond Heart-Shaped Stone

LINK to Sterling Silver Filigree Hearts/ Flowers /Cherub Design Ring with Pink Simulated Diamond Heart-Shape

This is absolutely unique!   This ring has so much detail that I don't know where to start!   First of all the ring is entirely designed in .925 Sterling Silver and has a Simulated Pink Diamond Heart-Shaped stone in the center.   The filigree work is outstanding! It has cut out hearts, flowers, and cherub angels on each side of the band, surrounding the beautiful medium pink sparkly stone.   It's a size 7 and measures approx. 1/2" in length. The band does have a little wear to its' shape, letting you know that it must have been worn as a very special ring. Other than that, it is simply stunning!  The stone is facet cut and such a gorgeous shade of pink, simulating a pink diamond.   If you are looking for a gift that speaks of Love, this is it!       

LINK to Roses with Hearts and Dove on Canvas

 A very romantic painting of roses, wisteria, hearts, and a beautiful dove! This painting is on a 16 x 20 boarded canvas, so it needs no frame. I've given it a very light sage green background. The bouquet has shades of light pink, medium pink, burgundy, light yellow, and white. The wisteria is a medium purple and the peaceful dove is white with shadings of beige. The canvas is accented with two layers of light pink and burgundy lace as a unique touch to the whole feel of the picture. I can easily see this in any room of the home. It would definitely make a unique gift to a bride and groom or for a collector of doves.       



Vintage Floral Rose Design on White Porcelain Vase from S. Fielding & Co., Ltd.


LINK to Vintage Floral Rose Design on White Porcelain Vase from S. Fielding & Co., Ltd.

  This vase is a rare find! It is from the Mid to late 1970's created at S. Fielding & Co., Ltd. in Staffordshire, England. It was a sad day when the Pottery closed in 1982; they were potters for over 100 years! But now the products of the factory in Sutherland Street are sought after more than they have ever been before.  The vase is beautifully adorned with a floral pattern done in deep burgundy, a medium yellow, cream, lilac, and green. The top rim is trimmed in gold, as well as the bottom base.   It does have a crackled effect, either from age or it was meant to be there! It has never been used, meaning no water has ever been in it.   It is simply a gorgeous piece to place in any room of your home. Or, fill it with flowers; either real or silk!  
It is in perfect vintage condition; no fading of the paint at all! It measures 7" tall and is marked on the bottom, Pictures do no justice to this piece. You will be amazed when you open the box!       

LINK to Vintage 1989 Holiday Barbie Doll Limited Edition (NRFB) Condition by Mattel

 use link below to see more information regarding this beautiful barbie

LINK to Roses with Hearts and Dove on Canvas

This is a Vintage Black and Inlaid Brass Vase from 1990 that came from India. *Very unique in its' styling with brass beautifully inlaid all around the vase, creating patterns of leaves and flowers. Definitely for the collector of different types of vases. It measures 12" in height and has a very substantial feel and weight to it. In Excellent condition and has never held any water. A lovely addition to any room in your home. Truly Stunning.
* The original stamp, Made in India, is still on the bottom *

LINK to Vintage Japanese Ebony and Albalone Jewelry Box

 This is a most precious and rare vintage Japanese Jewelry Box that is made of ebony and inlaid throughout with albalone. It has never been used, just kept away because I didn't want it to be damaged by the little ones. I just recently moved, so I found it again! It was given to me as a gift by a Japanese couple many years ago when they revisited Japan. I always thought that it was amazingly beautiful and very expensive. I have always had a habit throughout my life of saving things so they wouldn't get ruined.............so this was put away and saved. It is a large size for a jewelry box, measuring almost 12" tall, 9" wide, 5" deep. The box, if you can call it that, is piano ebony black. Inlaid throughout is albalone making up a gorgeous Asian design. The outer door has a brass handle and opens up to four drawers inside that have brass handles and are lined in an Asian print. Even those inside drawers are inlaid with albalone! It is a one-of-a-kind find and will glorify your bedroom, but also would stand out in any livingroom. If you are looking for a piece that you wouldn't see everywhere, you have definitely set your eyes on it. Mint, except for two little nicks on the bottom that probably were always there. Pictures do not do this piece justice. You could call it "A New Antique"!      


 I was inspired to make this large wooden treasure/keepsake chest by my own black painted and decorated rocking chair that was handed down to me by my mother. I love black painted furniture, so I painted this entire chest black and then complimented it with exotic flowers in colors of medium pink, white, and a soft shade of green jade. The flowers are also double painted with gold accents, just like my rocking chair. It ended up having a little bit of a Victorian or Asian feel. I've also painted the inside black, lined the inside bottom with black felt, and varnished the entire box inside and out. You can store things in it or just place it on the floor...........livingroom, bedroom, it looks beautiful anywhere.  It measures 16" x 12" x 8" deep! You could fit a couple blankets in it! It's big enough to stand on the floor alone as a focal point beside a chair.   It is lined in black felt on the inside bottom and also on the bottom of the piece so that it won't scratch anything you might put it on.

LINK to Franklin Mint Asian Inspired Vase

A beautiful vase from the Franklin Mint Collection! This vase is a gorgeous piece of art work that makes a statement of grace and elegance. Made from fine porcelain, it has depicted the dogwood tree with four doves perched on its' branches. The colors of the flowers are a deep pink, and light to medium brown for the branches. It has 24K throughout the design and stands approximately 13" tall and is about 8" at its' widest point. Definitely substantial, it can be used to put flowers in; but can just sit there and look amazing! It is hallmarked on the bottom with the Franklin Mint logo, the artist's name, and the year of 1990. It is called "Vase of the Emperor's Nightingale". Absolutely one of those pieces of art that will be treasured and passed down as an heirloom. Two of the doves wings are chipped, but you really can't notice them unless you look for them because of the overall design of the vase which takes your breath away!

LINK to Franklin Mint Miniature Collectible Hutch

This piece from The Franklin Mint is called "Le Cordon Bleu Country French Hutch", and is hallmarked on the bottom. It was made some time before 1990 and is in Mint condition; just like it was taken out of the box today! The hutch is a country blue color and constructed just like a fine piece of normal size furniture would be; having three drawers with brass hardware that actually open! It comes with porcelain accessories; six miniature decorated plates, one goose, one ivy potted plant, one serving bowl with removable lid, and a candleabra! So very charming.......so very adorable.       


LINK to Handpainted Decorative Serving Tray

 This is a handpainted wooden serving tray that depicts a landscape of a beautiful summer/spring day. I have used a wedgewood blue background to set the scene. It's a very happy picture, but the colors are very easy on the eye. The tray can be used to actually serve someone in bed, or used for a snack by the TV. It can also be enjoyed by just placing it on a coffee table or on a bedroom bureau