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Nanny Cheryl Crochet




I started making items for my own family of which I have four children with f

our nephews and nieces and many many many other young people in our family.




I teach my children and grandchildren and friends children crafts I have always

enjoyed starting and finishing an item and feel a great acheivement with all that I do.  


I began to fill my cupboards quickly so I decided to show my items on the web and

 found there were people who wanted to buy these items.  So here I am trying to show more

of you what I do.




I make all new Handmade items mostly crochet blankets and Shawls

my new collection is of Barbie/Sindy doll dresses all my own designs







I make from double knit yarn or chunky knit yarn, many different shades

of colour many bright vibrant colours which are certain to brighten

up any room whether lounge, bedroom or childs room or the atmosphere. 


Shawls for newborn babies as gifts, as keepsakes, or from nanny or a

loving friend you will be glad you choice one.


I still have many I made for my childrens beds when they were around

4 years old my eldest is now 36.


I have a few photos on this site which I am just starting.


 I am producing a brochure (as I write to you now ) which can be emailed

to you whatever you want to know please email me

at nanycheryl@btinternet.com



Me and nannycherylcrochet


I make many items they are all handcrafted by myself under name of

NANNY CHERYL’S CROCHET – I now have my own web site,

I am learning about blogs and twittering.


I strive to keep my costs down and to give good quality items, I do not earn a
lot for each item but thoroughly enjoy making them.


I have five children and four grandchildren, two nephews and two nieces
who have seven children between them.  My best friend has four
 children with three grandchildren and three more grandchildren
 on the way this year. I mainly make for my family and friends and
find I cannot take on special orders as my year is always full from
special orders from my family and friends sorry.


Items I make include


    • Blankets for Babie 
    • Shawls
    • Bedspreads
    • Doll pram blankets and shawl
    • Poncho's
    • Painted Pillows
    • Doll Pram sewn covers
    • Sewn Clothes for Dolls such as Barbie, Sindy etc
    • Crochet Clothes for dolls such as Barbie, Sindy etc
    • Scarves and Hats
    • Cardigan, waistcoats
    • Painted quilt covers




Thank you for looking, I shall be adding items regularly, Many thanks Cheryl   (nannycherylcrochet)



All the items have be made by myself, I have made many items for my own children which I still have today.     I have added brochures to each section whre stated if you have any problems just email me at nannycheryl@btinternet.com 

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